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PFI String Wound Filter Cartridge PFI Filtration  large
String Wound Filter Cartridges
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String Wound Filter Cartridges

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PFI string wound filter cartridges are structured loose outer layers and tight inner layers which can offer true depth filtration for high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration to ensure temperature and chemical compatibility. The main advantage of the string wound filter cartridge is its exceptionally high structural strength, therefore, they can withstand severe operating conditions.


·         Fits all the standard housings

·         Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and long service life

·         Loose outer layers and tight inner layers offers effective depth filtration

·         Various filter media fit with various applications



·         Pre-Filter for drinking water treatment

·         Acid Base liquid in Chemical Processing

·         Food & Beverage

·         Semiconductor

·         Pharmaceuticals



·         Filter media: Polypropylene, Bleached cotton

·         Core: PP, Stainless Steel

·         Outside diameter: 63mm,115mm

·         Inner diameter: 28mm, 30mm

·         Length:10”, 20” ,30”, 40”

·         Micron Rating: 1μm,5μm,10μm,20μm, 30μm,50μm, 75μm, 100μm

·         Polypropylene material for non-organic solvent, maximum recommended operating temperature≤60oC

·         Bleached cotton material filter cartridge with stainless core apply to organic solvent, water, oil, alkalinity solvent, beverage, pharmaceuticals, maximum  recommended operating temperature: 120oC

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