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Pall Claris CLR5-40 DOE Melt Blown Depth Cartridge Filter
Code : CLR5-40
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Pall Claris CLR5-40 DOE Melt Blown Depth Cartridge Filter



 Pall Claris CLR5-40 DOE Melt Blown Depth Cartridge Filter





Claris filter cartridges are constructed of 100% high purity polypropylene and are surfactant, binder and adhesive free.



Multiple fiber zones are created within the Claris filter to provide a graded pore structure throughout the depth of the filter. The different pore sizes allow for the efficient capture of various size particles throughout the depth of the filter medium. The result is maximum usage of the entire filter's depth, for higher dirt holding capacity and long on-stream life.



The most unique feature of a Claris filter is an innovative center support structure, constructed of extruded fibers, which delivers high porosity and no flow restriction. And this unique core delivers high collapse strength making it suitable for many applications.



To truly appreciate what has been achieved in the creation of the Claris filter requires putting it on trial in your application. There, the benefits of the gradient pore structure, the consistent performance and the support afforded by the extruded fibrous core will speak for themselves.



·        Consistent filtration performance.

·        High dirt holding capacity – Longer life means fewer change outs.

·        Maintains integrity even with viscous liquids or high differential pressures.

·        Thermally bonded fibers mean no unloading of contaminants.

·        Long on-stream life means cost effective filtration.

·        100% high purity polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance.

·        Individually wrapped with a fin seal polypropylene wrapper.

·        Product descriptions printed on wrapper for easy identification.

·        Graded pore structure means less resistance to flow and greater dirt holding capability.



·         Beverage: Bottled water, wine, beer, fruit juice, soft drinks.

·         Chemical Manufacturing: Acrylates, alcohols, bleach, alkalis, strong acids.

·         Cosmetics: Water, mineral oils, mouthwash, lotions, soaps.

·         Electronics: DI water.

·         Food: Vinegar, water.

·         Laboratory: Pretreatment water systems.

·         Metal Finishing: Machine coolants, plating solutions, anodizing, plating chemicals, cleaning chemicals, stripping solutions, clean hydraulic press oil, parts washing.

·         Pharm/Chemical: Diagnostic labs (prefilters), RO prefilters.

·         Photographic: Film processing (television), hot/cold water, DI water, developer, fixer, x-ray printing.

·         Plastics Manufacturing: Recirculated quench water, cooling tower water, additive streams.

·         Potable Water: RO and DI prefiltration, desalination, POU drinking water.

·         Power Generation: Uranium mining, nuclear & fossil fuel plants, DI water for boiler feed.

·         Pulp and Paper: Squirter lines, waste treatment.



End configurations also available: DOE with seal, DOE with 1" extended core, SOE (222) with flat closed end, SOE (222) with fin end.



·         Filter media: Polypropylene.

·         DOE industrial cut ends standard.

·         Optional end caps: Polypropylene.

·         Optional extended core: Polypropylene.

·         Optional gaskets/O-rings/seals available in Silicone, Buna N, Viton A, EPDM and Polyethylene (PE).

·         All materials used in Claris filters are certified to meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Title 21 of the code of Federal Regulations 177.1520.

·         All cartridge components meet USP XXIII, Class VI toxicity criteria. They are safe for use in pharmaceutical applications.

·         Max. operating pressure/temperature: 50 PSID (3.45 bar) at ambient; 25 PSID (1.72 bar) at 140ºF (60ºC).

·         Recommended changeout differential pressure: 35 PSID (2.41 bar).

·         Nominal dimensions: Outside Diameter - 2.5" (64 mm); Inside Diameter - 1" (25 mm) - Lengths: 9.75" to 40" (248 mm to 1016 mm).


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