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Aquafine CSL Plus 10R UV
Code : CSL10R
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Aquafine CSL Plus 10R UV


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Aquafine's CSL™ Plus Series medium-flow models are engineered for indoor installation and controlled operating environments. Popular markets the series is used are hospital, beverage and pharmaceutical installations, as well as life sciences and microelectronic applications.

The CSL series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304 stainless steel control panel in one integral unit. Complete with standard Lamp Status Indicator, the compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floor space. Single-ended (SE) lamps allow quick change-outs without tools.

For assistance when selecting from the customizable features and standard features, refer to the list of "SYSTEM ATTRIBUTES" below.


System Attributes:


Inlet/Outlet Type:

·         An ANSI threaded flange is standard for CSL Plus models.

·         Sanitary tri-clamp fittings are an upcharge and usually used for pharmaceutical or food and beverage applications.

·         Include Sample Ports:

·         Sample ports allow UV system users to take water samples at various places which can then be used to test for proper system function. There is no upcharge for including sample ports.


Internal Surface Finish:

·         “Ra” refers to “Roughness Average” and is a measure of the smoothness of a surface. CSL Plus standard surface finish rating is Ra32.

·         A smoother Ra15 surface is available for an upcharge but is typically only necessary in pharmaceutical and some food and beverage applications.


Elastomer Materials:

·         Elastomer materials refers to the materials of construction for o-rings and gaskets used for the system. Standard elastomer material for normal temperature disinfection applications utilize EPDM elastomers.

·         Ozone destruction applications should utilize silicone elastomers. Viton elastomers are used for any application treating high temperature fluids or with high temperature sanitization cycles. There is an upcharge for Viton elastomers.


Control Package Options:

·         Base Control Package s: Lamp status indication, lamp run time, unit power on time, high water temperature shutoff, cabinet high temperature, alarm history

·         Remote Monitoring s: Everything in the Base Control Package, lamp remote on/off (HOA)*, lamp out alert (LOA)

·         UV Monitoring s: Everything in the Remote Monitoring Package, UV intensity and fluid temperature monitoring (with 4-20mA output)



·         Aquafine must know the electrical ment for the HOA functionality – either 12V or 120V. Please specify when ordering.

·         CE rated for 240V only.


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